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ESSO Guest Article in CancerWorld 21/03/2017

As from the next issue nr. 78, ESSO will feature in the prestigious magazine "CancerWorld" with a regular editorial article from our President, Professor Dr. Santiago Gonzalez Moreno (MD Anderson Cancer Center, Madrid, Spain). 

The possibility to contribute for the first time with a guest article in every issue of 2017 is an exceptional opportunity for surgical oncologists in our community to share their views on successes, failures, and pressing issues in our common efforts to find the best possible treatments for cancer.

Cancer World is a very well known publication in the community of cancer specialists, which covers the complexity of cancer care from very different viewpoints and gives a voice to Europe’s most influential oncology leaders in all fields. This magazine is distributed at major conferences, mailed to all subscribers, and a digital version can be read from the magazine's website.

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