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ESSO Session at the Congress of the German Society of Surgery 20/04/2017

ESSO was invited to hold a dedicated session in the 134th Congress of the German Society of Surgery (21-24 March 2017, Munich, Germany) on Thursday 23rd March. This session entitled “How can I improve my knowledge in surgical oncology?” was chaired by the German Society for Visceral and General Surgery (DGAV) President, Professor T. Germer, and Vice-President, Professor Lorentz (in the picture, respectively, Professor Germer on the right and Professor Lorenz on the left).

During this session, the ESSO President Professor Santiago González-Moreno presented what ESSO stands for, Professor Thomas Gruenberger explained the audience why ESSO can be attractive to German surgeons and Professor Pompiliu Piso highlighted the areas DGAV and more specifically ACO – the Association of Surgical Oncology within DGAV - could work in synergy with ESSO.

In particular, there was a high interest in the ESSO Core Curriculum for Specialist Training in Surgical Oncology within Europe and the EBSQ (European Board of Surgery Qualification) Examination in Surgical Oncology, co-organised by ESSO and the European Board of Surgery of the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS). The presentations from successful German candidates in two past EBSQ examinations, who reported about their experience and the added value of this exam in their professional life grabbed the attention of the audience and led to a number of questions (see the experience of Dr. Hans-Günter Becker in this newsletter).

Finally, the session ended with a roundtable discussion, in both German and English, with the intervention of representatives from both ESSO and DGAV.

The high-level session was positively received by congress participants, who actively contributed to the discussion. This first joint initiative paves the way for an even bigger participation of German surgeons in our Society and to a very fruitful collaboration between ESSO and DGAV to reach common goals in the future.

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