ESSO Fellows

Are you an ESSO Fellow?

ESSO is delighted to provide to our qualifying ESSO members the opportunity to share your privilege and commitment to being part of the ESSO community and use the title of Fellow – ESSO.

Being a member of ESSO signals your commitment to the society and our community of surgical oncology experts, who are focused on delivering the highest-quality surgical care for cancer patients.

ESSO membership has many benefits that include access to international career development programmes, access to online educational content, access to the European Journal of Cancer Surgery and much more.

To be eligible for this new membership benefit, you will have completed your surgical training and have been an active member of ESSO for at least 3 consecutive years.

You may use the Fellow - ESSO designation with your name, after your doctorate degree, on business cards, website pages and office stationery.

Once your membership lapses for non-payment of dues, your membership status is not in good standing and you may no longer use the designation. The Fellow - ESSO designation is the exclusive intellectual property of ESSO.

Please contact the ESSO Secretariat at to register your interest in using the Fellow - ESSO  title,  we will then confirm to you if you are eligible. 

Thank you for being part of the ESSO Community.


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