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Registration and administration fees

You can choose between two methods of payment:

  • split the payment in two parts:
    • First part - 1770€ for the administration fee, once your participation in the programme has been confirmed
    • Second part - registration for the mandatory courses and congresses as you register for them (reduced registration fees):
      • ESSO Advanced Course on the Management of HIPEC after CRS 2022: 800€ for ESSO members and 950€ for non-members 
      • ESSO Course on Peritoneal Surface Malignancy 2022: 500€ for ESSO members and 650€ for non-members 
      • PSOGI Congress 2021: (registraton fee to be confirmed)
      • PSO meeting: (registration fee to be confirmed)
  • One shot payment (including the administration fee and the two ESSO courses registration fees), once your participation in the programme has been confirmed. In this case the amount of the administration fee will be reduced by 15%. The course registration fees remain the same.

These fees do not include accommodation and travel expenses.

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