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Mission and Vision Statement for BRESO: The ESSO Breast Surgical Oncology Project

ESSO is pleased to announce that a breast surgery specific working group has been established within the Society.

BRESO is the Breast Surgical Oncology Project Team within ESSO, working to promote accredited specialist breast surgical care for breast cancer patients and women at high risk of breast cancer.

It’s vision is for all women affected by breast cancer to be treated by specialists trained and accredited in breast surgical oncology.

BRESO is promoting the highest quality and most innovative, evidence-based breast cancer care. It intends to develop the highest standards of breast surgical oncology in a multidisciplinary setting, for the benefits of our patients who should receive the best available care across Europe, no matter which country they live in.

BRESO is supporting breast cancer patients to receive their treatment from accredited breast cancer surgeons within a multidisciplinary environment, benefiting from the expertise of highly-skilled surgical oncologists.

BRESO aims to achieve this goal through a range of activities including:

  • Offering the leading platform for education and training in breast surgical oncology (courses, workshops, masterclasses, University linked Diplomas, Fellowships, Observerships)
  • European-wide accreditation of specialist breast cancer surgeons (examination via UEMS delivered jointly by the UEMS, ESSO and EUSOMA, Fellowships adhering to the UEMS/ ESSO Breast Surgery Curriculum)
  • Promote and initiate multi-national audits of standards in breast cancer surgical care, prospective data collection in collaboration with EUSOMA
  • Facilitate availability and compliance with multidisciplinary guidelines and practice of quality cancer care, including the availability of oncoplastic breast surgery and reconstruction for all cancer patients across Europe
  • Lead on, and collaborate with, policymakers on the homogenisation of quality breast cancer management within Europe to achieve the best long-term outcomes and patient satisfaction
  • Coordinate and bring together specialists involved in breast cancer surgical oncology and reconstructive surgery within a multidisciplinary environment
  • Promote collaboration with core members of the multidisciplinary breast cancer care specialties
  • Work closely with patient advocacy and support groups to provide them guidance in achieving the common goal of “highest quality cancer care for all European breast patients”
  • Publishing position papers, guidelines, reviews

BRESO intends to take on a leading role on the above topics at European level, and will work strictly from within ESSO with the clear intention to closely collaborate widely with key stakeholders in Europe, involved in breast surgery specialisation and accreditation (UEMS, EUSOMA, EUROPADONNA, ESO and other key organisations).  Our goal is to raise and harmonise the quality and standards of breast surgical oncology across Europe.

Current important assets of BRESO:

  • Leading role in the UEMS/ FEBS European examination, jointly with EUSOMA
  • EJSO, the Journal of Surgical Oncology, with an increasing impact factor (3.688) and significant publications on breast topics
  • Breast surgical network via ESSO membership
  • Global and European Curriculum and Textbooks of Surgical Oncology and Breast Surgery
  • Breast surgery and oncoplastic course portfolio with a expert faculty from across Europe

The BRESO Project Board is keen to collaborate and communicate with patient organisations and policymakers; establish strategic directions for the group and lobby for European recognition of breast cancer surgery as a surgical oncology subspecialty.

BRESO will have a widely inclusive approach in creating a platform for representatives from leading educational, training, research and accreditation organisations and will thrive to achieve it’s goals in a collaborative manner, keeping in mind the best interests of our patients across Europe.


On behalf of the ESSO Breast Project Board:

Tibor Kovacs, PhD, FRCS, FEBS

Honorary Senior Lecturer King’s College London


ESSO President

ESSO Industry Partners