BRESO is a joint initiative launched by leading organisations and societies with an interest in breast cancer surgery, including ESSO. 

Currently, training across Europe in Breast Surgery is very heterogeneous.  Most often, surgical training certification is achieved after 4-6 years of residency training, which is usually of mixed content. Consequently, at the time of certification, many surgeons will have spent very little time doing breast surgery but will be able to undertake breast surgery, despite a lack of training in this discipline. BRESO wishes to enhance breast surgery training across Europe, harmonising training and improving standards from the current very variable level.

BRESO aims to promote accredited specialist breast surgical care for breast cancer patients and women at high risk of breast cancer by offering a dedicated certification programme in breast cancer surgery.

To achieve this goal, BRESO has a widely inclusive approach gathering representatives from leading educational, training, research and accreditation organisations. It thrives to work in a collaborative manner, keeping in mind the best interests of our patients across Europe.
BRESO is keen to collaborate and communicate with patient organisations and policymakers, establish strategic directions for the group and lobby for European recognition of breast cancer surgery as a surgical oncology subspecialty.

Visit the BRESO website to discover training opportunities in breast units, a list of courses and congresses addressing breast cancer surgery, the theoretical knowledge and practical skills curriculum, the examination in breast cancer surgery, but also how to apply to BRESO certification programme and become a certified breast surgeon.

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