ESSO Course on Management of the metastatic colorectal disease

11-12 September, 2023 - Open

Venue: Montpellier

This is a 1.5-day course on the principles, evolution and treatment of the metastatic disease of colorectal origin.

Course objectives 

1. Understanding of the metastatic process for the colorectal cancer

2. Comprehending the molecular pathways and their influence on treatment and prognosis of the metastatic disease

3. Gaining awareness on the pharmacokinetics of the different classes of drugs used in the treatment of the colorectal metastatic disease (IV and IP chemotherapy, HAIP, target agents immunotherapy)

4. Integrating the major trials on the medical oncological treatment of the metastatic colorectal cancer

5. Understanding the treatment strategies for patients with a single site, oligometastases and multiple site metastases

6. Visualization of different radiologic examinations, reconstructive technologies and IA devices with a potential use in this clinical setting

7. Assimilating the main local treatment options for liver metastases (surgery, ablative techniques, and radiotherapy), peritoneal metastases (cytoreductive surgery, different delivery methods of intraperitoneal drugs), lung metastases (surgery, ablative techniques, and radiotherapy), lymphatic node metastases (surgery, radiotherapy)

8. Conceptualizing the interventional radiologic techniques and their utility in converting to surgery

9. Apprehending the strategy and gaining knowledge on the prioritization of different metastatic sites

10. Gaining knowledge on age, frailty, quality of life and their impact on the curative strategy

11. Being able to discuss and decide in the multidisciplinary tumor boards

Main Topics

  • The metastatic process and molecular biomarkers

  • Drugs and delivery methods

  • Diagnostic and interventional radiology

  • Surgery and interventional techniques

  • Priorities and strategies of treatment

Educational methods

  • Plenary lectures

  • Video techniques

  • Practical case discussions

Ideal participants

  • Digestive, HPB, thoracic surgeons (fellows or consultants)

  • Medical oncologists

  • Anesthesiologists

  • Radiologists

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Please note the program is only preliminary. 

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