ESSO Course on Pancreatic Cancer Surgery (in parallel to ESSO40)

9-10 November, 2021 - Open

Venue: Lisbon

Aims of the course

This course is part of an Educational Block on HPB designed to provide an insight on the most recent updates in liver and pancreatic surgery with focus on cancer. The block is composed of two comlementary courses that will be run in parallel to ESSO40:

  • ESSO Course on Liver Cancer Surgery (8th and 10th November 2021, Lisbon, PT)
  • ESSO Course on Pancreatic Cancer Surgery (9th and 10th November 2021, Lisbon, PT)

A major focus will be placed on the technical challenges of resection, including vascular resection, and tips and tricks will be provided on how to overcome problems. The most appropriate choice of oncologic treatment in the multimodality setting and the optimal timing of surgery will be discussed for locally advanced and oligometastatic cancer. Areas of uncertainty in the indications and timing of treatment and controversies will be highlighted. Evidence-based approach for safe introduction of minimally invasive HPB surgery will discussed.

Special focus will be placed on identifying, correct reporting and treating of specific HPB surgery-related complications and challenging situations that all HPB surgeon would encounter during their career. Joint session will be dedicated on how to approach different scenarios when combined liver and pancreatic resections might be necessary. Also, the theoretical background of what level of evidence is sufficient for a treatment to be introduced will be lifted.

Before applying, please read carefully the Practical Information webpage to know more about the payment options and about the possibility to combine the course(s) and the ESSO 40 registration fees. 

Learning objectives

  • To understand the current multimodality approach and the indications for timing and applying of surgical and oncological treatment.
  • To be familiar with the technical aspects of extended resections and how to minimize the risks inherent to the procedures.
  • To be able to identify patients at risk for complications and to deal most appropriate with severe complications and avoid fatality
  • To be familiar with clinical research concepts and how to implement these in practice.

Educational methods

  • Plenary lectures
  • ”Duel” discussions
  • “Meet the experts” free discussions throughout the length of the course

Target group

  • Residents in surgery
  • Fellow surgeons
  • Junior HPB surgeons and experienced general surgery consultant who would like to broaden their knowledge on HPB surgery.

Before applying for this course please read carefully the ESSO Terms and Conditions for Educational Live Events.

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