ESSO-EYSAC Hands on Course on Liver Surgery

23-24 April, 2018 - Closed

Venue: Innsbruck (AT)

Aim of the Course

This course is a hands-on workshop on surgical anatomy, operative and interventional techniques for liver tumours. It will focus on obtaining thorough understanding of functional liver anatomy and the technical aspects necessary for future liver surgeons. Furthermore, surgical relevant liver diseases, diagnostics, perioperative management, and radiological interventions for liver diseases will be discussed in an evidence-based, multidisciplinary environment.

Educational Methods

  • Hands on cadaver sessions
  • ​Transmission of live surgery/OR visits
  • ​Educational videos and 3D-Anatomy Atlas
  • Plenary session

Main topics

  • Hands on session with human cadavers
    • Open and laparoscopic approach
    • Intraoperative ultrasound and ablation
    • Mobilization of the liver, Pringle Maneuver
    • Isolation of hepatic vascular structures; Hila approach
    • Parenchyma transection; standard procedures (hemi/right, left, segmental, left lateral, wedge)
    • Bile duct and vascular reconstruction
  • Step by step guide for standard procedures
  • Tips an tricks for special situations in open and laparoscopic liver surgery

Ideal course candidate

Young surgeons, surgical residents or registrars interested in liver surgery/surgical oncology of the liver

Before applying for this course please read carefully the ESSO Terms and Conditions for Educational Live Events.

This course is closed