ESSO-EYSAC Hands on Course on Laparoscopy in the Management of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis

3-4 June, 2019 - Closed

Venue: Alicante (SP)

Aim of the course

This two-day event is designed to cover the most recent advances in peritoneal carcinomatosis surgical treatment. Well-known experts in the field will discuss and perform laparoscopic peritonectomy, laparoscopic HIPEC, immunofluorescence and PIPAC.
The course will be a complete review of the added value of laparoscopy in the manage-ment of peritoneal carcinomatosis (staging, treatment, palliation and research) and will give participants the opportunity to perform laparoscopic procedures on cadavers.

Educational methods

  • Plenary lectures​
  • Case-based discussion sessions
  • Hands-on cadaveric sessions

Main topics

  • Laparoscopic surgical and HIPEC approach of peritoneal carcinomatosis: diagnostic, staging, treatment and palliation
  • Laparoscopic peritonectomy
  • New techniques: immunofluorescence, PIPAC, ePIPAC

Target audience

Young surgeons and specially trainees interested in developing and improving laparoscopic management of peritoneal carcinoma- tosis, laparoscopic HIPEC and PIPAC technicques

Before applying for this course please read carefully the ESSO Terms and Conditions for Educational Live Events.

Please, help us organize this course correctly and do not apply if you are not sure you are going to attend it.

This course is closed