ESSO-EYSAC Advanced Course on the Current Treatment Options for differentiated and Medullary Thyroid Cancer

28-29 November, 2019 - Closed

Venue: Utrecht (NL)

Aim of the course

This two-day event is designed to cover the most recent advances in thyroid cancer therapy including methods of detection, treatment and research. Upon completion of the activity, learners should be able to discuss the latest thyroid cancer topics and describe how these advances can be applied to their practice.

On the first day, participants will be able to discuss with European experts all the important topics about treatment options for Differentiated and Medullary Thyroid Cancer. This day will also give them the opportunity to observe live innovative thyroid surgery. The second day is a hands-on cadaveric course that will cover commonly used surgical techniques to deal with both central and lateral neck dissections.

Educational methods

  • Hands on sessions
  • Transmission of live surgery
  • Clinical cases discussion sessions
  • Video-based discussion sessions

Main topics

  • Shifting paradigm in thyroid pathology
  • Preoperative evaluation of thyroid cancer
  • New advances in the treatment of thyroid cancer
  • Management of persistent and recurrent thyroid cancer
  • Morbidity of surgery for thyroid cancer

Target audience

Young surgeons or surgeons in training interested in thyroid cancer surgery


Before applying for this course please read carefully the ESSO Terms and Conditions for Educational Live Events.

Please help us organize this course correctly and do not apply if you are not sure you are going to attend it.

This course is closed