ESSO Hands on Course on Oncological Standards in Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery

11-12 May, 2023 - Open

Venue: Verona

Aims of the course

This course will be an introduction to minimally invasive colorectal surgery (3d laparoscopic surgery). It will explain to participants technical and oncological aspects in performing laparoscopic colorectal resections and using ICG for lymphadenectomy and intra-operative angiography.

Two hands-on sessions will give to participants the possibility to perform on cadavers 3d-laparoscopic right hemicolectomy, low anterior rectal resection, intra-abdominal anastomosis and splenic flexure mobilization.

Educational methods

  • Plenary lectures
  • hands on sessions
  • Discussion sessions

Main topics

  • Colorectal resections
  • CME
  • Colon cancer with synchronous liver metastasis
  • Intra-abdomina anastomosis
  • ICG in colorectal field
  • 3D laparoscopy

Target participants

  • Young colorectal surgical oncologist 

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