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ESSO Meet the Expert Webinar: Electrochemotherapy

14 June, 2018 - Waiting List

Venue: Online

Prof. Ibrahim Edhemovic will present this ESSO Webinar on Thursday 14th June at 19:00 CET (Brussels time). Co-speakers are Prof. Gregor Sersa and Dr. Erik Brecelj, both from Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Ljubljana, SI.

This webinar will provide basic information about the principles and clinical applications of electrochemotherapy in oncology.

Attendees will learn about the principles and mechanisms of electrochemotherapy.

Clinical indications of electrochemotherapy will be presented on some clinical cases in treatment of cutaneous and deep seated tumors.

All medical profiles interested in this new treatment option, especially surgical oncologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists are welcome to participate in this webinar.


Participation to the webinar is free and is on a first come first served basis.


Once your participantion is confirmed you will receieve instructions on how to use the WebEx programme which the Meet the Expert Webinar will be hosted on.

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