Criteria and Benefits ESSO Endorsed Events

Endorsement by ESSO entitles events to:

  • The use of the ESSO logo, underlining the scientific quality and relevance for surgical oncologists, in all promotional material about the event and on the event website;
  • The use of the following statement under the event's title: "organised under the auspices of" or "endorsed by" ESSO;
  • The announcement of the event on the ESSO website under the section "endorsed events ";
  • The annoucement of the event in the ESSO quarterly e-newsletter (link to "ESSO endorsed events" webpage);
  • The annoucement of the event in the calendar of events in the EJSO - the Journal of Cancer Surgery;
  • Promotion of the event on ESSO's official social media channels.

Application Process:

Applications for ESSO endorsement shall be made via e-mail to the ESSO Secretariat preferably 3 months prior to the event. Detailed information is required including the scientific programme and list of faculty. Organisers are notified within two weeks of the outcome of their application.


  1. Provision of a detailed programme with list of speakers already confirmed and a link to the event website;
  2. The scientific programme shall be relevant for surgical oncologists; surgical oncology related topics shall be prominent;
  3. The event must not promote single products/devices. Multi Sponsorship is recommended;
  4. Involvement of an ESSO speaker is recommended;
  5. Discounted member rate for ESSO members is welcome;
  6. The event should not clash with an ESSO educational and scientific event on the same topic;
  7. Commitment to disseminate/display ESSO promotional material at the event.


Events organised by scientific organisations/institutes that are not member of ESSO:

  • Administration fee of 150 EUR for events of less than 50 participants
  • Administration fee of 350 EUR for events of less than 100 participants
  • Administration fee of 500 EUR for events above 100 participants.

Events organised by an affiliated society of ESSO:

  • ESSO endorsement is automatically granted to ESSO affiliated societies’ annual congresses free of charge (providing that ESSO Secretariat has been notified of the date and venue of the event before the ESSO label is used).
  • For events outside their annual congress, affiliated societies are kindly invited to submit a request for endorsement as per the above endorsement procedure but no administration fee will be charged.



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