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By donating a minimum of 150 Euros you can become an ESSO Supporting Ambassador and benefit from additional services such as VIP registration at ESSO congresses and acknowledgement of your contribution on the ESSO website and newsletter.

Any contribution whether it's 5 euros or 5000 euros can make that all important difference in supporting ESSO and its mission.

Cancer is a global emergency, with millions of people dying of this disease every year. Thanks to the progresses made in oncology, today cancer patients have increasing chances of being cured with combinations of last-generation treatments.

Surgical oncology is the most effective cancer treatment modality, which needs to be performed in a multidisciplinary environment by highly specialised surgical oncologists. However, the contribution of surgery to cancer care is often overlooked, its quality taken for granted, and research funds are mostly directed to discover new medical treatments instead of improving what surgery can achieve.

The European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) is helping thousands of surgical oncologists improve their multidisciplinary expertise and better treat cancer patients. Representing an international community dedicated to surgical oncology, ESSO strongly supports its members to advance the science and practice of this essential discipline. As a non-for-profit society, ESSO needs to rely on differentiated funding sources, including private donations.

You too can support ESSO: your donation will be directly invested into our initiatives – spanning from education to research and leadership in multidisciplinary care – to improve the quality and accessibility of cancer surgery and to encourage innovation in this field. To donate to ESSO means to ensure the continuity of its high-quality courses and congresses, surgeons’ continuous professional education, research projects, and advocacy campaigns in the field.

Any contribution, large or small, will help to support these goals:

  • To shape ESSO’s policy and advocacy work for the recognition of the Surgical Oncology specialty and the specialised training in surgical oncology. 
  • To support the fellowship of a young ESSO member willing to expand knowledge and experience in a foreign institute. 
  • To support a surgical oncologist’s participation in the ESSO congress or educational or research in-person course (registration, accommodation and travel to an ESSO conference)

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Together we can develop surgical oncology further for the benefit of cancer patients

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