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EBSQ Qualification

European Board of Surgery Qualification

Continuing Medical Education makes a difference!

Every year, the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) organises in co-operation with the European Board of Surgery of the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS) Professional Examinations in both surgical oncology and in breast cancer surgery.

The examination aims at certifying the level of up-to-date knowledge, skills, and general competency necessary for the optimal treatment of a cancer patient.

The examination in surgical oncology is conducted under the supervision of an Examination Board chaired by Dr. Ibrahim Edhemovic (SI), Head of the Division of Surgical Oncology, Surgical section, UEMS. It consists of a written MCQ and an oral exam composed of 2 case discussions and a review of a scientific paper.

The examination in breast cancer surgery is conducted under the supervision of an Examination Board chaired by Professor Christos Markopoulos (GR), President of the Division of Breast Surgery, Surgical section, UEMS. It consists of a written MCQ examination, a breast module comprising oral examination according the UEMS guidelines on the standards for the training of specialised health professionals dealing with breast cancer ( Eur J Cancer 2007;43:660-675) and the review of a scientific paper on breast surgery. The examination is based on the core curriculum developed by ESSO Education and Training Committee in 2012.


Click here to see the UEMS - EBS - DBS Newsletter from November


Schedule 2020 examinations
  Breast Surgery Exam Surgical Oncology Exam
Deadline for receipt of applications 30th of April 30th of April
Successful applicants to be informed by Within 1 week of sitting the written exam Within 1 week of sitting the written exam
Examination date (written exam) 26th of June

26th of June (English version)
15th September (German version)

Examination date (oral exam) 26th & 27th of September 24th of October (English version)
16th September (German version)
Oral Examination Venue Athens Lisbon (English version)
Leipzig (German version)



Breast Surgery Exam

Surgical Oncology Exam

Eligibility criteria



Examination fee

150€ eligibility fee
250€ written exam
​300€ oral exam

250€ eligibility fee
350€ written and oral exam


Applications must be submitted via the online application tool on (for the breast surgery exam) and (for the surgical oncology exam) before the above deadlines. Please note that email application forms are not be accepted anymore.

ESSO Webinar - European Board of Surgery Qualification Exam: Tips and Tricks for Surgical Oncologists

Professor Sergio Sandrucci presented a webinar which provides detailed information, advice and your questions answered on the examinations for anyone considering these exams, Click here to view the recorded session free-of-charge for ESSO Members.


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Written 1
Written Exam
Written 3
Written Exam
Oral 1
Oral Exam
Oral 2
Oral Exam
Oral 3
Oral Exam
Oral 4
Oral Exam



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