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In cooperation with the European Board of Surgery of the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS) we organise annually Professional Examinations in both surgical oncology and in breast surgery. The examinations aim at certifying the level of up-to-date knowledge, skills, and general competency necessary for the optimal treatment of a cancer patients.

The examination in surgical oncology is conducted under the supervision of an Examination Board chaired by Dr. Ibrahim Edhemovic (SI), Head of the Division of Surgical Oncology, Surgical section, UEMS. 

The examination in breast surgery is conducted under the supervision of an Examination Board chaired by Professor Christos Markopoulos (GR), President of the Division of Breast Surgery, Surgical section, UEMS. 

Both examinations are based on the core curriculum developed by ESSO Education and Training Committee in 2012.

What are the benefits of taking the exam?

  • The exam is accredited by an international and independent body,
  • Same level of competencies for all cancer surgeons, regardless of country of practice,
  • Acknowledgement of knowledge in the field of surgical oncology which is important for my patients, team, and myself,
  • Widens surgeons’ professional horizon, allowing for an easier integration in other teams and countries.

To whom do we recommend this exam for?

  • All surgeons who treat cancer patients
  • For cancer surgeons wishing to raise their professional knowledge and skills
  • For those wishing to ensure their competencies meet the European standard

Dates for 2022



Breast Surgery




Surgical Oncology
(English,Spanish, French and Dutch languages)




Surgical Oncology
(German language)



 Deadline for application 30 April 2022 N/A 30 April 2022 N/A 30 April 2022 N/A
 Date of online written exam 24 June 2022 N/A 17 June 2022 N/A September 2022 Leipzig, DE
 Date of oral exam 1-2 October 2022 Athens, GR 22 October 2022 Bordeaux, FR September 2022 Hamburg, DE


Eligibility criteria and examination fees

  Breast Surgery Surgical Oncology
(all languages)


Examination fees

150€ eligibility
250€ written exam
300€ oral exam


350€ written and oral exam

Applications must be submitted via the online application here for the breast surgery exam and here for the surgical oncology exam, before the above deadlines.

Preparatory Webinar for the UEMS EBSQ Exam on Surgical Oncology

Click here to access the ESSO Webinar - Tips and Tricks for Surgical Oncologists, which provides detailed information and advice on the examinations for anyone considering this exam. This webinar is only available for ESSO members. 

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