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Egyptian Society of Surgical Oncology EGSSO

Current Officers and Board Members



Prof. Waheed Yousry Gareer


Prof. Faisal Amer


Prof Ashrsf S. Zogloul


Prof. Gamal Amira

Board Members

Prof. Mohamed Safa,
Prof. Osama El-malt,
Prof. Hany Elnagar,
Prof. Mohamed Gamil,
Prof. Gamal Amiera,
Prof. Sheriff Abdul-Aziz,
Prof. Hatem Abou-Elkasem,
Prof. .Hassan Abdulá,
Prof.Yaser Saad El-Deen,
Prof. Ahmed Alhasel,
Prof. Monir Abou-El-Ela,
Prof.Faheem basiouny,
Prof. Fateen Anous,
Prof. Alaa Aldin Al-Fiky

ESSO liaison person: Prof. Waheed Yousry Gareer
Joined ESSO in 2010
Membership: 510


Brief history and facts


Founded: March, 2000 by members of Surgical Oncology department, National cancer Institute, Cairo University
Founder and first president (2000-2010): Prof. Mustafa Manieh
Prof. of Surgical Oncology, NCI, Cairo University

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