EURECCA Activity Report

EURECCA (EUropean REgistry of Cancer CAre or EURopEan CanCer Audit) was established in 2007 as an ESSO initiative to improve the quality of cancer care in Europe.

The President and founder of EURECCA, Prof Cornelis van de Velde, President of ESSO between 2008 and 2010, is one of the dedicated leader s of the international network of medical professionals striving to provide high quality cancer care. EURECCA is an international multidisciplinary collaborative platform of clinicians, epidemiologists and patients, aiming to improve the quality of cancer care by harmonizing data collection, providing feedback, forming plans for improvement and sharing knowledge of performance and science. This major project carries out various activities to harmonise data collection, provide feedback and share knowledge about cancer care quality assurance:

  • International Watch & Wait Database in Rectal Cancer (IWWD)

The IWWD-database was founded in 2015 by investigators from LUMC, Champalimaud, NKI, and A&J Habr-Gama with support of EURECCA and ESSO with the aim to provide short and long-term oncological, functional and patient reported outcome data on organ preserving treatment in good responders after routinely indicated neoadjuvant (chemo)radiation.

Over 1900 patients have been registered up to now. The IWWD aims to collect retrospective and prospective data in order to provide accurate understanding of the risks and benefits of organ preserving strategies in rectal cancer. The prospective information may become the platform for developing best practice guidelines in organ preservation and surveillance. 

Read here the IWWD latest activity report (June 2021)

More information on the IWWD can be found on the IWWD-page on the CAST website (CAST = Active Monitoring of Cancer AS an AlTernative to Surgery)

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