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PILLAR 1: Multidisciplinarity

Presenting the new practice changing phase III trials (in any tumour type) that will mature at the end of 2016.  ECCO2017 will also put into a multidisciplinary perspective practice changing trials that were presented in monodisciplinary conferences in 2016.

PILLAR 2: Outcome Research

Presenting and reviewing real world data to observe how recent implementation of new treatments or diagnostic modalities fared in the clinic. Emphasis will be placed on population registries, molecular epidemiology, elderly patients and co-morbidity as well as external validity of clinical trials.

PILLAR 3: Health Economics of Cancer Care

Discussing the cost effectiveness of the molecular characterisation of cancer, new cancer therapies and how to prioritise and integrate these advances.

PILLAR 4: Organisation of Cancer Care Delivery

Discussing how the patient will be optimally guided in the future in through their diagnosis, treatment, supportive and palliative care, given the ageing population, oncology workforce shortage, increased number of survivors and the impact of ehealth (healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication such as electronic health records, telemedicine, clinical decision support etc).

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