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Endorsed Events 2019

Events that have been granted ESSO auspices by the Education and Training Committee


BIGCC 2019
17-18 January 2019, Cairo, Egypt

Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction Masterclass  - Paris Breast Rendez-vous
7-8 February 2019, Paris, France


9th European Multidisciplinary Colorectal Cancer Congress (EMCC)
​9-11 March 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

ESTRO Lower GI -Technical and Clinical Challenges for Radiation Oncologists
​20-22 March 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ESTRO Upper GI-Technical and Clinical Challenges for Radiation Oncologists
​23-26 March 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Retroperitoneal Sarcoma Surgery Course
11-12 April 2019, Milan, Italy

PSOGI International Symposium on Advanced Ovarian Cancer, Symptoms and Treatments - Multidisciplinary approach
11-13 April 2019, Athens, Greece


10th Annual French Society of Surgical Oncology Congress
16 - 18 May 2019, Montpellier, France.

25th Annual Polish Society of Surgical Oncology Congress
16 - 18 May 2019, Warsaw, Poland


VI National Congress SEOQ and VIII International Meeting GECOP
5th - 7th June 2019, Murcia, Spain.

The International Ukrainian Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery Conference UORCS
7-8 of June 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine.

1st International Congress and Scientific Workshop of the Central-Eastern European Breast Cancer Surgical Consortium
13th - 14th June 2019, Budapest, Hungary.


London Breast Meeting
5-7 September 2019, London, United Kingdom

XLII CONGRESSO NAZIONALE SICO - 4th International Conference of Surgical Oncology “INFLUENCING ONCOLOGY through QUALIFIED SURGERY”
8-10 September 2019, Cagliari, Italy

13th Annual Conference of the International Liver Cancer Association
20-22 September 2019, Chicago, USA


14th - 16th November 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

2nd MD Anderson International meeting in Gastrointestinal Oncology, Current Practice and Controversies in the Era of Personalized Medicine
13th to 15th November 2019, Madrid, Spain.

Perioperative Management
1st module: Perioperative Managerment during CRS and HIPEC in the treatment of PSM
29-30 November 2019, Berlin, Germany
2nd module: Live demonstration and patients management
2-4 December 2019

7th Edition of the International Workshop on the Treatment of Hepatic, Lung and Peritoneal Metastases of Colorectal Carcinoma 
14th-15th November 2019, Barcelona, Spain

2019 BASO~ACS Annual Scientific Conference
17-18 November 2019, London

UEMS-EBS Breast Cancer Management for Surgeons Course
22 November 2019, London


Surger-I-nnsbruck- 4th international interdisciplinary educational meeting
11-13th of December 2019, Innsbruck, Austria.

When is too old? Improving outcomes in elderly patients with HPB malignancies
9th of December 2019, Manchester, UK.






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