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ESSO 36 Awards

On the occasion of the 36th ESSO Congress, some prestigious ESSO awards were presented to illustrious experts in recognition of their outstanding contribution to surgical oncology:

  • Professor Luigi Cataliotti (Italy) was awarded with the ESSO Lifetime Achievement Award;
  • Professor Andrzej Kułakowski (Poland) was awarded with the ESSO-PSSO Award;
  • Professor Niall O’Higgins (Ireland) was awarded with the ESSO Medal – in recognition of his continuous efforts towards the improvement of the education and training of young surgeons, and of his investment in ESSO’s successful growth and internationalization.
  • Professor Daniel G. Coit (USA), President of the American Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO), received the EJSO Award for his work on lymph nodes.

You can read here interviews of Professor Luigi Cataliotti and Professor Niall O'Higgins.

The “Niall O’Higgins Award for the best proferred paper” was presented to:

Y.W. Kim (Korea) for his presentation on "Laparoscopy-assisted versus open D2 distal gastrectomy for advanced gastric cancer".

 The “ESSO Best Video Prizes” were awarded to:

  • B. Bodanese (Brazil) for her work on “Body Gastric Cancer: Laparoscopic Total Gastrectomy”;
  • A. Lukashenko (Ukraine) for the video “Pancreatiocoduodenectomy with partial resection of pancreatic body and tail for a multifocal neuroendocrine tumour”;
  • A. Zhygulin (Ukraine) for his video on “Oncoplastic lumpectomy with LICAP perforator flap reconstruction + SLNB”.

The “ESSO Awards for the Best Posters” were presented to:

  • Karol Polom (Italy) for his study on the “Heterogeneity of new molecular gastric cancer classifications. Clinico-pathological characteristic”;
  • Karl Mrak (Austria) for his poster on “Diverting ileostomy versus no diversion after low anterior resection for rectal cancer: A prospective, randomized, multicenter trial”
  • Kristien Keymeulen (the Netherlands) for her work on “The effect of preoperative breast MRI on the surgical management of ductal carcinoma in situ and the risk of contralateral breast cancer”.

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