CORSiCA Research Project

Conceived in the framework of the EYSAC young researchers' activities, the proposal for the project CORSiCA ‘Complete pathologic response rectal cancers EYSAC.1 Study’ will investigate complete responders’ rectal cancers at the European level.

About 20% of patients with rectal cancers who received neoadjuvant treatment achieve a pathological complete response in the surgical specimen (ypT0). However, about 10% of ypT0 present metastatic nodes and, thus, the identification of surgical specimen with metastatic nodes could be crucial in order to tailor future treatments and improve their chances of cure.

The CORSiCA project built a large database with the clinical and pathological data of pathologic complete responders, to study ypT0 rectal cancers in relation to the nodal status and, thus, predict the nodal positivity before surgical treatment. 

The project was led by the ESSO Young Surgeons and Alumni Club (EYSAC) Steering Committee Dr. Laura Lorenzon (Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli of Rome, Italy).

Read the full text here. 

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