The Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC)


The Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC) has published a call for applications for International Cancer Research Fellowships which are co-funded by the European Union.

The three types of fellowships financed, each lasting two years, are:

  1. Outgoing Fellowships: for researchers in the last four years who have worked for more than three years in Italy and are interested in a research experience in a scientific institute located in another country.
  2. Incoming Fellowships: for Italian scientists interested in a research experience in Italy.
  3. Reintegration Fellowships: for Italian researchers who in the past three years have worked for at least two years out of Italy and are interested in working in a research center in Italy.

It is targeted exclusively to candidates in possession of one of the following requirements:

  1. Have obtained a PhD (PHD);
  2. Have had an experience full time at least four years after the master's degree, in research.

There are funds in support of the following items of expenditure: "Living and mobility allowance" for a total of 50,000 Euros a year, "Travel" up to 1,000 euro per year and for "Research cost contribution" up to 1,500 euro.
For the contract described above are requested some documents in hard copy to be sent to the AIRC by 22 May 2015:

  • Title Page project, signed by the fellow and the Institutional Legal representative;
  • The page that indicates the type of fellowship;
  • Abstract of the project;
  • Page about the bioethical aspects.

The submission of proposals is required in English and must be within the set deadlines at


  • Online by May 19, 2015
  • The documents in paper form by May 22, 2015

Further information and how to apply can be found here.