SSO/ESSO International Career Development Exchange

The International Career Development Exchange (ICDE) program provides support for up-and-coming surgical oncologists, with leadership potential, who are members of an SSO Partner Society. The program pairs ICDE Recipients with a leading SSO member “Mentor,” and enables recipients to attend the SSO Annual Cancer Symposium, participate in a post-meeting visit to their Mentor’s institution, and develop long-term relationships to improve cancer care in their countries.

The Award

The recipient will receive the following:


  • A stipend of $3,000 USD to assist with travel arrangements, which will be provided onsite at SSO 2020 via check or after the program has ended via wire transfer.

Institutional Visit

  • The opportunity to visit ONE U.S. based institution;
  • Matched with an SSO member mentor in the U.S. who will host the Recipient at their institution and serve as a professional contact for Recipient after he or she returns home. The Mentor is matched to an ICDE Recipient based on shared professional and scientific interests from one of SSO's eight disease site areas.

SSO Annual Meeting

  • Complimentary registration for the SSO Annual Cancer Symposium

SSO Membership

  • One (1) year of complimentary membership with SSO (subject to approval), which includes a subscription to the Annals of Surgical Oncology.

The Grant is not intended to completely cover all travel or daily expenses during a Recipient’s trip. For example, the Grant does not cover medical care, medical insurance, travel insurance, taxes, gratuities (tips), phone calls, requirements from the host institution such as vaccines, etc. The Recipient is financially responsible for all expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals must meet the following criteria in order to participate in the International Career Development Exchange program:

1.    Recipients/Applicants must be a member of ESSO in good standing.
2.    Recipients/Applicants cannot have previously received the SSO ICDE grant.
3.    Recipients/Applicants cannot have previously attended more than one SSO Annual Cancer Symposium in the past three (3) years.
4.    Recipients/Applicants should be 45 years old or younger.
5.    Recipients/Applicants must be currently working and employed in an European institution
6.    Recipients/Applicants must have leadership potential.
7.    Recipients/Applicants must be fluent in English (both writing and speaking).
8.    Recipients/Applicants must be able to travel for a minimum of two consecutive weeks to the United States in March 2020.
9.    It is preferred that Recipients/Applicants already have a current passport. If no current passport, Applicant must be ready to obtain one.
10.  Recipients/Applicants must be able to obtain a travel visa to the United States if coming from a country where one is required.
11.  Recipients/Applicants must specialize in one of SSO’s eight disease site areas: Breast, Colorectal, Endocrine/Head and Neck, Gastrointestinal, Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary, Melanoma, Peritoneal Surface Malignancy, or Sarcoma.

The SSO reserves the right to evaluate and determine eligibility based on the information and justifications included in the requested materials.

How to Apply

Applicants are required to attach a Personal Statement, Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Recommendation and Photograph in one single PDF document which should be sent to by 20th September 2019 at 18:00.

The Personal Statement includes the following required sections:

  1. Background – Provide an overview of your oncology background and a description of oncology in your region of the world.
  2. Specific Objectives – State concisely and realistically how attending the Annual Cancer Symposium and being mentored by an SSO member at a cancer center in the United States will impact your work and oncology in your country/region. List specific objectives that you wish to accomplish while participating in the program.
  3. Future Plans – Dissemination of the knowledge you gain is an important element of the ICDE program. State how you will apply what you learn during the Annual Meeting and the time spent with your mentor at a U.S. cancer center. Provide examples of lectures, meetings, and any other future plans you will carry out after returning to your home country.

Please submit your Letter of Recommendation from your Program Director/Chair of your Department/Director of your Institution. If you are currently enrolled in an oncology training program, the Program Director should write the Letter of Recommendation. The Letter of Recommendation should address the relationship between the ICDE Recipient and the letter writer, how the ICDE recipient compares to his/her colleagues, how participation in the ICDE program will impact the applicant, and the opportunities the applicant will have to disseminate the information learned upon returning home.

Key Dates

  • Deadline for application: 20th September 2019
  • Results of selection: 31st October 2019 

The call for applications is closed.