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Host registry

The ESSO Education and Training Committee (ETC), which is responsible for granting the ESSO fellowships, has realised that candidates often experience difficulties finding a hospital, institute or cancer centre that responds to their specific training needs, mainly because they do not know where to find the information on available opportunities.

As a priorty of both the Education and Training Committee (ETC) and the ESSO Young Surgeons and Alumni Club (EYSAC) ESSO has created a registry of possible host Hospitals / Institutes / Cancer Centres where fellowship opportunities have either been previously undertaken or a contact person has provided the details via the Training Fellowship Questionnaire. Please note the listed opportunities are not guaranteed but are to provide possible assistance in finding training fellowship opportunities. We strongly believe that such a registry will help increase the mobility of young cancer surgeons across Europe and help many of them find the most suitable location for their training.

Host Registry

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