ESSO Industry partners

ESSO’s partnership with industry

Industry partners support ESSO meetings and educational initiatives through undrestricted educational grants, in the framework of an expanding education programme.

ESSO highly values its relationship with industry and is committed to further strengthen it in the long term.

Uniquely positioned to represent surgical oncologists in Europe and beyond, ESSO offers an invaluable opportunity to potential sponsors to develop constructive long-term relationships with its international community.


ESSO is currently supported through unrestricted educational grants from Nutricia and Sirius Medical.


Nutricia has been pioneering nutritional solutions since 1896 when founders first began their early support of mothers and their infants. Nutricia offers nutritional solutions and provides life-transforming nutrition at key moments throughout life. 
Weight loss during cancer, particularly loss of lean body mass, can have a negative impact on the health of a patient, increasing the rate of complications and affecting the success of both treatment and recovery. It is therefore important that cancer patients maintain weight to give themselves the best chance possible. 

 spirit lives on today with an ongoing commitment to provide life-transforming nutrition at key moments throughout lif



With its roots in the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Sirius Medical is dedicated to improving care for cancer patients by delivery of unsurpassed, yet affordable solutions that enable precise and efficient removal of tumors. Sirius Medical has experienced business development and surgical support teams in Western Europe and the US. 


ESSO Industry Partner