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Prof Lars Pahlman

Prof Lars Pahlman



Lars Påhlman was born in May 1946 and completed his school in 1966 at Sigtuna, Sweden. Directly afterwards he studied genetics at the University of Stockholm for one and a half-year, and started 1968 medical school at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. He completed medical school 1973. He then had the medical and surgical training at the county hospital of Falun, Sweden and finished the training period at Falun in September 1979, as a specialist in general surgery. Since then he has worked as consultant surgeon at the University Hospital of Uppsala, Sweden, since 1986 associate professor of Surgery and 1999 professor of surgery at Uppsala University. In 1989 he became the Head of the Colorectal Unit at the Department of Surgery, University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden, until his retirement.

Lars Påhlman completed his thesis in 1985 entitled "Rectal carcinoma - an evaluation of the local recurrence rate, surgery for cure, staging and perioperative radiotherapy". Since then his main research has been colorectal cancer and other topics with coloproctology.

Lars Påhlman is former Chairman of the European Society of Surgical Oncology of which he became Honorary Member in 2012.

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