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Membership Committee

In ESSO’s continuing efforts to provide outstanding services to our members these committees exist to facilitate two-way communication between the ESSO Board and the ESSO members.

The Membership Executive Committee is composed of the Treasurer, the Secretary, a representative from the ETC, the Chief Operating Officer, and up to 2 representatives of the Membership Advisory Committee.

The Membership Advisory Committee is composed of a representative from each affiliated society and up to 3 representatives from the individual membership. The Membership Advisory Committee advises the Membership Executive Committee.

Hassan Malik

ESSO Honorary Secretary; Consultant Hepatobiliary Surgeon and Clinical lead for digestive surgery, University Hospital Aintree, UK

Jean-Marc Classe

President, French Society of Surgical Oncology, France

Levan Gogichaishvili

Georgian Society for Visceral Surgery, Georgia

Aviram Nissan

Secretary, Israeli Society of Surgical Oncology, Israel

Pompiliu Piso

Chair Surgical Oncology Society, Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie, Germany

Sebastian F. Schoppmann

President Elect, Austrian Society of Surgical Oncology, Austria

Han-Kwang Yang

President, Korean Society of Surgical Oncology, Korea

Mykola Zubaryev

Vice-President, Ukrainian Society of Surgical Oncology, Ukraine

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