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Membership Committee

In ESSO’s continuing efforts to provide outstanding services to our members these committees exist to facilitate two-way communication between the ESSO Board and the ESSO members.

The Membership Executive Committee is composed of the Treasurer, the Secretary, a representative from the ETC, the Chief Operating Officer, and up to 2 representatives of the Membership Advisory Committee.

The Membership Advisory Committee is composed of a representative from each affiliated society and up to 3 representatives from the individual membership. The Membership Advisory Committee advises the Membership Executive Committee.

Chair: Mr Hassan Malik
Treasurer: Prof. Michel Rivoire
Secretary: Prof. Marjut Leidenius
ETC Chair: Sergio Sandrucci
EYSAC Chair: Laura Lorenzon
Chief Operating Officer: Carine Lecoq


The Role and Responsibilities of the Membership Advisory Committe: Inform, Share & Engage

  • Facilitate the two-way communication between the ESSO Board and the membership
  • Communicate and advise on members’ needs and expectations, potential new or increased benefits for members
  • National representatives to ensure appropriate communication and added value of ESSO within their society
  • Identify how and where affiliated member societies could be more involved in ESSO activities (incl. oncopolicy)
  • Contribute to the development of the membership section of the ESSO website
  • Foster communication on ESSO oncopolicy activities at national level through the national affiliated societies




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