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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

ESSO’s mission is to support its members in advancing the science and practice of surgical oncology for the benefit of cancer patients. The Society aims to achieve this through a range of activities related to education, research and leadership in multidisciplinary care.

Core Values

  • Commitment, continuity, communication and optimal care by our members for the benefit of cancer patients
  • Quality of care by education, skills improvement & auditing
  • Leadership in positioning surgical oncology at the heart of cancer care
  • Research & innovation
  • Integrity
  • Ethical conduct


ESSO's vision is to represent the most established cancer treatment. To this end, ESSO will develop standards of care for cancer patients through its core values, as well as its activities in the field of education, homogenisation of skills, quality healthcare and ultimately qualification.


  • Education: to become the main educational platform for surgical oncology in a multidisciplinary environment
  • Science & QA: to stimulate optimal quality in surgical oncology in Europe
  • Cooperation: to become a major partner of all specialists in all disciplines in oncology including other oncology societies, oncology nurses and patient organisations
  • Oncopolicy: to establish surgical oncology as a core specialty in optimal care for cancer patients
  • Guidelines: to facilitate availability of quality multidisciplinary guidelines
  • Communication: to establish general awareness and acceptance of added value of ESSO for members, peers, patients and policymakers

The Central Role of Surgical Oncologists

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