Ukrainian Society of Surgical Oncology


The Ukrainian Society of Surgical Oncology (USSO - Українська Cпілка Oнкохірургів УСО) was founded in 2015 as an independent society for oncological surgeons. Currently, it is the leading professional scientific surgical association in Ukraine, with over 150 acting members and many more supporting. The USSO cooperates its activity with the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine which is the official foundation of the society.

The main goal of USSO is to improve interdisciplinary treatment of cancer developing the science and the practice of surgical oncology for the benefit of the cancer patients through a wide range of activities:

  • Taking a multidisciplinary approach combining the expertise of surgical oncologists with specialists of medical fields such as radiologists, medical oncologists, pathologists, etc., in order to improve the quality of cancer care and reduce morbidity and mortality of the patients with cancer
  • Sharing knowledge between members through the annual USSO Congress, workshops, courses and via the National Cancer Institute official journal – “Клінічна онкологія” (Clinical Oncology), which has been found in 2011 ( has been published in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English);
  • Providing great opportunities for our members to extend their knowledge of surgical oncology and improve surgical skills by taking part in fellowships and advanced courses as well as scholarships and exchange programs with our partners abroad
  • Provision of Scientific Awards to encourage both USSO members and non-members to engage actively in surgical research in the field of oncology;
  • Promoting scientific research among young surgeons and organizing the annual Young Scientists Session;
  • Upholding the international standards of cancer care and introduce our own modern methods of treatment providing  high-quality treatment for our patients
  • Development of partnerships with relevant national and international organisations, among others: Ukrainian Oncological Society, Ukrainian Surgical Society, European Society of Surgical Oncology, European Organisation for Cancer Research and Treatment and others.
  • Initiating clinical researches and international clinical trials.


ESSO Liason Person Joined ESSO Membership Number
Zubaryev Mykola
Lukashenko Andrey 
2015 163
Address Contact
Secretariat of the Ukrainian Society of Surgical Oncology
National Cancer Institute
Lomonosova St.33/43
03022 Kiev, UKRAINE
Tel. +38 (044) 259-01-86
Fax +38 (044) 259-02-73

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