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2019 ESSO Awards announced : Lifetime achivement & ESSO Medal for ESSO 39 29/07/2019

Awards for ESSO 39

Lifetime achievement award: Prof. Dr. Emiel E.J.Th. Rutgers (NL)

On Wednesday the 9th of October at 13:00 during the opening session of the ESSO 39 Congress in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (9-11 October), ESSO will proudly present the ESSO lifetime achievement award to distinguished recipient Prof. Dr. Emiel E.J. Th. Rutgers (NL). The prestigious ESSO Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes international research by individuals that demonstrate commitment to clinical cancer research and/or education. It is awarded as a recognition for outstanding lifetime achievements in surgical oncology. Prof. Dr. Emiel Rutgers professional life has been fully dedicated to the advancement of surgical oncology as a discipline, and he has led a fruitful activity in clinical practice, research, teaching and leadership in this field.

Prof. Dr. Emiel Rutgers is the author of more than 300 articles and book chapters on different aspects of breast cancer. His main field of interest, breast cancer research is prognostic and predictive factors, risk management and prevention, and optimisation of surgical procedures including neo-adjuvant chemotherapy, sentinel node procedure and immediate breast reconstruction. Prof. Dr. Emiel Rutgers gained his medical degree in 1981 from the Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Currently he is a Surgical Oncologist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam (since 1987), Head of the Department of Surgery (since 2006) and Professor in Surgical Oncology at the University of Amsterdam. He earned his PhD degree in 1986 at the University of Amsterdam. ESSO looks forward to honouring this noble Dutchman to a home audience in his beautiful host country of the Netherlands at ESSO 39 in the city of Rotterdam, and hopes all congress attendees will join us in the celebration of his achievements and services to the international surgical oncology community!

ESSO medal: Prof. Dr. Peter Naredi (SE)

On Thursday the 10th of October at 9:30, during the Presidential session of the ESSO 39 Congress in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, ESSO will be honoured to announce the recipient of the ESSO medal: Peter Naredi (SE). The ESSO medal is awarded to a single individual to acknowledge his/her contribution to the advancement of surgical oncology through research, education and/or leadership in clinical practice and international cooperation.

For 2019, the ESSO medal is awarded to Prof. Dr. Peter Naredi in recognition of his commitment to surgical oncology and outstanding contribution to the development of ESSO, its mission and objectives. After serving several years as member then Chair of the ESSO Education and Training Committee and Board member, Prof. Dr. Peter Naredi became President of ESSO in 2010. Promoting the ESSO core curriculum for the specialist training in surgical oncology has always been a priority for Peter Naredi as well as widening the ESSO membership to embrace international and national bodies and organ-based groups. During his Presidency of ESSO, Peter Naredi set the grounds of a stable and recognized organisation within Europe, initiated several outcome research projects, and increased ESSO’s visibility among the oncology community through his commitment to multidisciplinary methods. Peter Naredi contributed to make ESSO the strong, thriving, recognised society it is in 2019, a society with affiliated international members in most European countries and beyond. After his Presidency of ESSO, Peter Naredi became President of ECCO-the European Cancer Organisation in 2016 for 2 years.

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