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Announcement of Domenico Dā€™ Ugo as ESSO President 2020-2022 23/10/2020

ESSO is pleased to announce Domenico D' Ugo as ESSO's President. See below the official welcome annoucement to the ESSO Community:

Announcement of Domenico D’ Ugo as ESSO President Oct. 2020 - Oct. 2022


I am honoured to become the next ESSO president. It is the most important achievement of my professional career. I would like to express my thanks to all who have made ESSO the largest and most important European association of cancer surgeons.  ESSO represents cancer patients internationally, emphasizing the importance of providing the highest quality surgical care. 
I have served ESSO for many years, initially as a committee member, then as a board member, with the guidance of exceptional individuals, who shared with me the concept of surgical oncology as a unique discipline, each of them renowned experts in their specific fields. I have had the privilege of cooperating closely with many ESSO past presidents, all of whom enriched me in many ways. I thank Peter Naredi, Graeme Poston, Riccardo Audisio, Santiago Gonzalez-Moreno and Tibor Kovacs, who “passed the baton” to me, but fortunately, not to me alone.
I will be supported in this difficult task by the most proactive Secretariat – Carine Lecoq, Ana Galan, Gemma Applebee, and Adriana Pereira. I will also be supported by a group of distinguished European colleagues, who were elected to chair working groups and committees focusing on educational programmes, communication, new media, membership, and international relationships. I am also proud that recently, one of the most successful programmes of ESSO has been dedicated to training and educating young surgeons, and EYSAC (our young surgeons and alumni “club”) has played a central role in increasing our membership and visibility throughout the world.
2020 marks a significant date for surgical oncology.  The first cancer registry started 100 years ago in 1920, by Ernest Codman who understood the importance of end-results reporting, opening the way to the modern concept of auditing.  Furthermore, currently the Italian surgical oncologists are proud to celebrate a “golden anniversary.” In 1990, Umberto Veronesi reported the long-term results of 1,232 patients treated conservatively for breast cancer. He established a revolutionary new standard based on multi-disciplinary treatment coupled with minimal trauma. A multi-disciplinary approach with “tumour board” decision making is the standard policy for most visceral tumours; nevertheless, surgical resection remains the central component of therapy. Cure rarely occurs without a high-quality resection. This requires specialists with a broad knowledge of surgical oncology, each of whom focuses his professional attention to malignancies of a single organ.
Not only does ESSO have the role of leading this scientific process, but it also has the task of sharing the knowledge that by 2030 cancer will be the first cause of death worldwide. In less developed countries, surgery maybe the only viable option. ESSO understands this urgency. To recognize the need to decrease these disparities, ESSO is affiliated with 20 national surgical oncology societies and cooperates with the Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons. 
Currently, as surgical oncologists, we must also cooperate in reducing the COVID spread while supporting any kind of cancer treatment worldwide, optimizing the rational use of healthcare facilities ensures the highest quality clinical practices. 

I am honored to assume this important task in these most difficult times, but, as a great society, ESSO must face a complex historical phase in which the pandemic is concurrently undermining health and economy.


Yours sincerely,

Professor Domenico D’ Ugo

Università Cattolica del S.Cuore

"A.Gemelli" University Hospital Foundation-Rome (IT)

ESSO President 2020-2022


Announcement of Domenico D’ Ugo as ESSO President 2020-2022

Learn more about Domenico D'Ugo's career and professional background here.

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