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Survey: Breast Cancer Surgery Training Across Europe 24/11/2017

The ESSO Breast Surgery Working Group (BRESSO) are inviting all Breast Surgeons to complete this brief survey regarding training in Breast Surgery across Europe. They have created this survey to find out how breast surgeons are actually working in Europe and also to establish patterns of training in Breast Surgery. At present there is a lack of standardization of training in breast surgery across Europe, with variation in the duration of training, whether oncoplastic skills are part of this training and what quality standards are applied.  We know that breast cancer outcomes and rates of reconstruction vary widely across Europe and in order to harmonise care we need to know what current practice is.  

Ideally we would like to see a standardised level of training, expertise and practice across Europe to ensure that outcomes improve and to this end would like to develop certification in breast surgery across Europe.   This survey is the first step towards establishing the current provision of breast care.  We  then plan to work with other European societies involved in Breast Surgery to develop quality standards, a training curriculum and standardised quality assessments which can be rolled out across Europe with the approval of all member states. Breast cancer patients are demanding this standardization and we consider that it is imperative to achieve it.

This survey will just take 5 minutes to complete. We look forward to your answers and we appreciate your feedback on this survey.

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Isabel-Teresa Rubio,
Chief Breast Surgery Oncology, Hospital Universitari De La Vall D'Hebron, Spain
ESSO Board Member

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