Channels to support the Ukrainian Society of Surgical Oncology and cancer patients in Ukraine


The lives of cancer patients in Ukraine are now under threat if proper surgery and treatment are not provided timely. We kindly ask our community to assist the Ukrainian Society of Surgical Oncology with essential medical support in need.

Please click here to see the list of medicinal products and medical equipment, also surgical equipment in urgent need for oncological patients in Ukraine, provided by Dr. Mykola Zubaryev, lead of the society and surgical oncologist at the National Cancer Institute in Kyiv. Some of them are already depleted, some are in short supply.

In case elective surgery or treatment could start again, various supplies for regular surgery needs including surgical consumables are also welcomed. This list has been discussed and agreed upon along with the administration of the National Cancer Institute, reflecting their regular needs that could not be supplied at the moment.

Painkillers, hemostatics and first aid kits are also in urgent need!

If your society or organization can help, please refer to the shipping instructions below and inform the charity foundation "Center of Medical Innovation" (NOVO). See their official statement here.
In your message to NOVO, it is necessary to make a list of cargo (specifications) on behalf of the sender (association, hospital, clinic). It should indicate that the cargo is humanitarian. The driver will issue a CMR (an international transport consignment note), and NOVO will issue a customs declaration of the prescribed form for entry into Ukraine, which will be with the driver.

Contact Details:
Anastasia Melnychuk

If possible, send the shipment to NOVO's address

Pylypa Orlyka street 4
Lviv 79059

вул. Пилипа Орлика, 4
м. Львів, 79059, Україна

Alternatively, you can send it to the addresses below, however, do contact NOVO beforehand!

1. The packages must be well packed and sent to the following address in Poland, from there they will be delivered to the border and then further:

For Large cargo

Waldi TIR (International Road Transport)

ul. Rolnicza 10

22-600 Tomaszów Lubelski


tel. +48534125700

For Small cargo (bus)

Centrum Wędkarskie


ul. Lwowska 73

22-600 Tomaszów Lubelski


tel. +48534125700

2. Please, do the following in order to easier locate the shipment once it arrives at the address:

  • save the details of the parcel (tracking number or the contact details of the driver, car/transport number plate), you can also provide these to Dr. Zubaryev;

  • indicate on the package Dr. Zubaryev’s contact details to make sure that he will be contacted once the cargo is delivered;

    • telephone number: 00380 67 671 41 77

    • email address:

3. Ideally have all items well sorted beforehand to save time.

4. It is highly important to communicate to Dr. Zubaryev a short description of the packages, including information on weight, size of the delivery, to facilitate the local team preparing necessary storage space.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Zubaryev directly by phone or WhatsApp if you need further details and to inform him of any shipment being sent.

The World Health Organization is now working on gathering information of cancer centres and other hospitals outside Ukraine that have the capacity to assist Ukrainian cancer patients, in collaboration with ECO-ASCO Special Network on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer. As a member of this special network, ESSO calls for contribution from our community to the establishment of this database.

If your cancer centre or hospital can help, please complete this form, and email it to

You can also help by offering useful links to resources and information to Help Ukraine - Информация для пациентов, a multilingual resource webpage created specifically by ECO-ASCO Special Network for bridging the need of Ukrainian cancer patients and organisations seeking to provide aid. To contribute, please contact

We thank your support in advance and sincerely hope that together we could provide as much assistance as possible to our Ukrainian colleagues and cancer patients.

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