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COVID-19: update on ESSO activities 23/03/2020


The coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19) is affecting many aspects of our lives, all over the world, in many ways which we perhaps had not foreseen. As the coming weeks and months unfold, we will begin to understand better the impacts and effective responses to the outbreak.

Since last week the ESSO staff began working from home and taking all the measures necessary to adapt to the new working environment. This may impact the speed of response, but the team is doing its best to continue its services as normal. All ESSO staff members remain accessible via e-mail.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus it has also affected ESSO’s plans for the coming months. Following the recommendations made by health ministries and governments across Europe and by the WHO, we are postponing all our spring live events and meetings until further notice. We value above all the health of our members, staff and conveners and the protection of our patients and populations at large.

In the coming weeks we will be working hard to find solutions and adapting to new circumstances as they unfold. The ESSO Education and Training Committee is looking at intensifying its online educational opportunities. We will keep you updated on the ESSO website.

For more information on COVID-19 and protecting cancer patients please consult ECCO’s website as more information is being released:



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