ESSO 40 congress signals a promising future for the recognition of surgical oncology in Europe


ESSO 40th Congress was successfully held from 8 -10 November in Lisbon, Portugal. Our surgical oncology community was reunited for the very first time after two year’s segregation, which was an exciting moment to meet again our dear colleagues and partners in person.

Under the theme “Shaping the future of Cancer Care”, 857 delegates from 68 countries gathered to share their expertise on the latest developments, trends, and innovative techniques in the management of patients with solid tumours. We would like to thank all our distinguished guests, our sponsors, and every participant to have joined us for such a memorable experience, whose inputs have tremendously contributed to the success of the event and to the global advance in surgical oncology.

More than 30 symposiums, lectures and workshops took place during this 3-day event. The return of ESSO live educational courses on liver surgery and pancreatic surgery in parallel to the congress received in the meantime great attention as well.

We are proud to present you the winners of the European Society of Surgical Oncology Awards, which were unveiled during the congress opening on 8th November:

  • The lifetime achievement award was conferred to Professor Audisio (IT), whose clinical research focuses on Breast Cancer, Geriatric Oncology, Education/Certification in Surgical Oncology and the optimization of Surgical Oncology in Low/Middle-Income Countries.

  • The ESSO medal was presented to Professor Leidenius (FI), who has been fully dedicated to the advancement of surgical oncology and especially high-quality breast cancer surgery.

ESSO is also glad to announce that an open letter "Time for Change: Harnessing the full potential of surgical oncology for cancer patients in Europe"  was released on 9th November in conjunction with the congress, calling upon all European leaders for a joint effort in promoting high quality surgical oncology treatment for the benefit of every cancer patient in Europe. The full version of this open letter is available on the ESSO website.

The congress offered a valuable platform for exchange between leading experts from different specialties and sub-specialities around the world. It was a fruitful gathering where new ideas were generated, new acquaintances were made, and new practices were illustrated through an interactive way.

The success of ESSO 40 congress has restrengthened everyone’s confidence in the progress the surgical oncology community has made during this difficult time, sending out a positive message that we are on track towards the recognition of surgical oncology in Europe, and towards a bright future for better cancer care.

We thank you and look forward to receiving you at ESSO 41 congress in Bordeaux, 19-21 October 2022.


ESSO Industry Partner