ESSO actions in securing medical care in Ukraine


The war crisis in Ukraine concerns us all. As a medical professional association with more than 4000 members worldwide, ESSO has been monitoring closely the development of this critical situation and is helping with its maximum capacity since the day the war broke out.

With our oncologist network in the EU and beyond, ESSO has been able to contribute via the following concrete actions:

  • through constant contact with Ukrainian Society, as well as individual members in Ukraine, we identify the shortage of medical supplies, and establish a smooth communication channel, making sure that the shipment would arrive timely and effectively;

  • sharing the lists of medicine products, medical equipment in urgent need with our affiliated societies and also through ESSO organisational committees’ network, connecting parties adequate for providing humanitarian aid with local coordination teams;

  • reaching out to affiliated societies in the neighbour countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and members in Slovakia and Romania to relay the request of assisting and welcoming cancer patients from Ukraine;

  • continuous support to European Cancer Organisation (ECO) in the coordination work with the WHO Emergency Committee, mapping organisations and hospitals that could provide access to cancer treatment to Ukrainian refugees.

Moreover, ESSO has joined the newly established Special Network on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer, co-created by ECO and American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and is glad to be able to help Ukrainian cancer patients with improved access to necessary surgical treatment through this collaborative platform.

During its first network meeting on 10th March, key stakeholders including concerned individuals in Ukraine and neighbour countries, representatives from leading cancer organisations, as well as from WHO and the European Commission gathered to discuss practical ways of contribution, especially how to conquer the rising challenges in front of us, among which the most urgent concerns include but not limited to:

  • communication materials for Ukrainian cancer patients in their mother languages

  • access to medical history and clinical records of Ukrainian refugees upon their arrival in neighbour countries

  • identification of cancer patients among all refugees

  • legal barriers to export of medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine

Many resources and initiatives were shared during the meeting, please refer to the flash report  and the video for more information.

Help Ukraine - Информация для пациентов, a webpage created specifically for bridging the need of Ukrainian cancer patients and organisations seeking to provide aid, includes links to resources in different relevant languages. New links and information are highly appreciated. Hence, we strongly urge every party who is willing to offer help to contact

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