ESSO endorses the European Cancer Summit 2021 Declaration


ESSO has endorsed the Declaration released on the first day of the European Cancer Summit 2021, which took place on 17th and 18th November 2021, both in Brussels and virtually.

Improving cancer care across Europe has been top on the EU agenda for quite long. Though we have already witnessed implementation of plenty initiatives, such as Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the EU Mission on Cancer, the European Health Data Space, and the new EU Pharmaceutical Strategy, yet there is more to be done.

A declaration was released in conjunction with this year’s summit, calling all relevant parties to jointly build a brighter future for healthcare and cancer care out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The declaration presents overall advice from the cancer community:

  • Action on Early Detection
  • A plan for HPV cancer elimination
  • Defining patient-centric public health needs
  • Advancing digital cancer care
  • Combatting oncology workforce shortage
  • Inter-specialty cancer training across the professions
  • A public facing Beating Cancer Plan
  • Missing no opportunity for Covid-19 build back
  • Cancer research leadership in ALL EU countries
  • A goal focused EU Network of Comprehensive Cancer Centres
  • Drawing on the strength of the many for quality cancer care
  • Supporting Survivorship & Quality of Life on many fronts
  • A Cancer Inequalities Registry for public use
  • All cancer inequalities deserve our focus
  • Building a new century of international cancer & health cooperation out of the pandemic

Please click here to view and to endorse the declaration.

As an active member of the European Cancer Organisation, ESSO also endeavours to achieve optimised cancer care for the benefit of cancer patients in Europe by calling recognition of the important role surgical oncology plays in cancer treatment. One week ago, ESSO released an open letter during ESSO 40 Congress in this regard, which is available here.

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