ESSO infographic in multi-languages released


Europe represents less than 10% of the world’s population but accounts for 25% of all cancer cases. In 2020, nearly 3 million people were diagnosed with cancer and another 1.27 million people lost their lives to it.

High-quality surgery remains the best chance to cure solid cancer when diagnosed early and is fundamental in preventing, diagnosing and staging cancer, treating metastatic disease, preserving quality of life, and alleviating symptoms. For the majority of non-metastasised solid tumours, it is also the most cost-effective treatment with the highest value for money. 80% of cancer patients will require surgical intervention during the course of their disease. By 2030, 45 million surgical procedures are estimated to be needed worldwide. Despite the significant benefit brought by surgical oncology, it is striking to notice that less than 25% of cancer patients actually receive safe, affordable, or timely surgery across the globe.

This infographic highlights the pivotal value of surgical oncology as part of cancer care and summarises ESSO's key recommendations to unlock its full potential in Europe. It was first published in English last November, in conjunction with the release of the ESSO open letter "Time for Change: Harnessing the full potential of surgical oncology for cancer patients in Europe". We are also thrilled to see that the recognition of surgical oncology and the need for harmonized training in surgical oncology as well as other ESSO’s proposed amendments were included in the final BECA report "Strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer"  (under Session IIIa. Equal access to cancer care: towards best quality care, paragraph 66) that was adopted by the European Parliament earlier this year. 

Nonetheless, ESSO, as the unified voice of the surgical oncology community in Europe, believes that it is equally important to address the issue at all member states’ levels. We are not only committed to raising awareness of surgical oncology’s value at the center of the EU, but also feel it’s our responsibility to make our voice heard nationwide. To mark the European Week Against Cancer 2022, ESSO is delighted to announce the infographic is now available in 11 European Languages:

Beating cancer, a challenging task remains high on the EU’s agenda. Unless we take decisive action now, cancer cases are set to increase by 24% by 2035, making it the leading cause of death in the EU. Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (EBCP) is EU’s commitment in the fight against cancer. The realisation of such an ambitious plan requires a comprehensive approach embracing all cancer treatment modalities, of which surgical oncology is an integral part. ESSO has recently released a statement on the implementation of EBCP, where its commitment to offering specialist advice and multi-faceted support is expressed in concrete ways, demonstrating how surgical oncology experts can actively contribute to the success of Europe’s Beating Cancer.

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