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#ESSO2020 welcome message by ESSO President 24/10/2020

Dear Colleagues, Friends and ESSO members!

Dear Online participants of ESSO2020 Virtual!

Earlier this year, due to the significant changes in our world due to the Covid 19 pandemic the ESSO Board of Directors took the difficult decision to postpone its physical annual Congress to 2021.

Since the infection rates started to rise again, the current situation remains uncertain and difficult.

We believe that we made the right decision to go online and  support our members this way until the global situation will allow safe and free travel.

It is my duty to praise our colleagues who have sacrificed their lives and health to carry on treating the sick, operating on patients and caring for those in need all over Europe since the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak.

Nevertheless, this year, we will deliver to our members and surgical oncologists around the world a platform for knowledge exchange in the form of a virtual experience.

In the current context, the impact of COVID-19 and how we are reshaping surgical oncology after the pandemic will be the guiding thread throughout the meeting. Organised over two consecutive days to respect time zones differences, “ESSO 2020 Virtual” will offer high quality sessions featuring leading international experts in their field and focusing on latest advances and practice-changing insights in surgical oncology.

On this occasion I will hand over the Society leadership to Professor Domenico D’Ugo who will become President and Dr. Isabel Rubio, President-elect of ESSO, for the coming two years.

Myself as Past-President I will do my best to fully support them in this extremely difficult task of leading the Society in the current, un-foreseen and challenging period.

In the next few years I intend to focus on establishing and developing the breast surgical oncology certification system, a project called BRESO, initiated by ESSO together with key stakeholders involved in breast surgeon education and training.

The Society is stronger than ever. We will have an excellent and ambitious new Board of Directors with colleagues who are experts in their fields, willing to sacrifice their time and energy for promoting cancer surgery.

I would also like to thank colleagues and friends, former Board members, who are leaving the  ESSO Board on this occasion, namely Santiago Gonzalez Moreno, Marjut Leidenius, Hassan Malik, Serge Evrard, Bill Allum, Laura Lorenzon.

The next couple of years are going to be decisive in what regards the future direction what ESSO takes, how to keep up with the significant changes in education, training, conferences, meetings- get familiar with the online/offline way of life.

No matter what happens, ESSO is strong enough to thrive and deliver what we have signed up to, for our patients and members!

Thank you and I wish you all the best at ESSO 2020 VIRTUAL


Prof. Tibor Kovacs

ESSO President

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