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The European School of Oncology is looking for two e-ESO Advisory Board members! 29/11/2019

The European School of Oncology is looking for two e-ESO Advisory Board members, one specialized in gastro-intestinal tumours and one specialized in genito-urinary tumours.

As a member of the e-ESO Advisory Board you are expected to suggest speakers and topics in your area of expertise, to be available as a discussant 3-6 times a year, to help in the preparation of the CME tests, to be pro-active in finding new ideas in the field of e-learning, to be available for monthly e-meetings and yearly in-person meetings. You should also promote e-ESO activities in your area and country. The appointment will last one year (from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2020). Renewal will be considered towards the end of the appointment.

The benefits of being an e-ESO Advisory Board member are not monetary, although a yearly honorarium of 1,000€ will be offered and 100€ will be given for the preparation of every CME test. The main benefit of the position is the unique opportunity to teach and network whilst being able to be in close contact with ESO.

- Young specialized doctor (max 40 years old) working in oncology (GI and GU field of expertise);
- Interest in e-learning and technologies used for teaching and learning;
- Good attitude to international relationships.

How to apply
If interested, please send your CV and a letter of motivation to Francesca Marangoni by 15 December 2019.
For any questions or doubts, feel free to contact Francesca Marangoni

The European School of Oncology (ESO) was founded in 1982. ESO’s mission is reflected in its motto “Learning to Care”, which emphasizes the importance of the learning process, and the goal of caring for the patient in a holistic sense, in contrast to focusing purely on treating the disease. Due to its financial independence, ESO has the rare privilege of being able to set its own priorities. It, therefore, pays particular attention to developing the transfer of knowledge in areas that are least supported by industry, such as surgery and in rare pathologies (including childhood tumours), and in countries and regions with limited economic resources.

The European School of Oncology in co-operation with Critical Reviews in Oncology Hematology has an e-learning programme on the Internet, called “e-ESO”.

The program began in 2008, since then, more than 600 e-sessions have been offered on the website. An Expert delivers a lecture (a slide presentation of 25-30 minutes) and participants can submit questions (before and during the webcast) to a Discussant who leads a Q&A discussion at the end of the presentation. The e-sessions remain available after the live session for further visits and CME accreditation. The majority of sessions have CME accreditation.
Past sessions can be viewed at

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