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The Harvard Global Catalyst Win-Win initiative 28/05/2018

In December 2007, The Win-Win Scientific initiative was proposed by Ahmed Elzawawy as an initiative of ICEDOC’s Experts in Cancer Without Borders. It aims at increasing affordability of better value cancer treatment in the world via exploring scientific approaches. All the stakeholders, particularly cancer patients and their families, could win! This also includes flourishing the business of pharmaceutical companies and Manufacturers of radiotherapy machines and medical devices without ruining a country or individuals economies.

There are 2 mains wings of the win-win initiative:
- The first wing is “Exploring scientific approaches to increase affordability of better value cancer care”.
- The second wing of the win-win initiative was proposed in November, 2015 and declared in 29 April, 2016 during the Harvard Catalyst Summit. This wing regards catalyst action and professional advice to increase enormously the rate of establishment of services of clinical oncology in the world starting with the most difficult challenges in Africa. Moreover, in 29 April, 2016, The Win-Win Initiative has joined Harvard Global Health Catalyst and becomes one of its activities. Hence, the new title of the initiative is: Harvard Global Health Catalyst Win-Win Initiative

This initiative is composed of professional consultants as volunteer catalysts. It is not a funding body. It is not competing or replacing any society, organization, body, governmental or private efforts or individuals.

ESSO feels strongly about improving the level of cancer care in low income countries and is currently working closely with Merck foundation to develop a placement opportunity for an africian surgeon to develop their knowledge and skills in a European insitute.


ESSO Past-President, Prof. Riccardo A. Audisio (SE), feels passionately about enhancing the quality of Surgical Oncology in Africa and beyond

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