Inaugural Session Central-Eastern European Breast Cancer Surgical Consortium


The official Inaugural Session of the Central-Eastern European Breast Cancer Surgical Consortium (CEEBCSC) was held at the 38th ESSO Congress on Wednesday 11th of October.

About the Central-Eastern European Breast Cancer Surgical Consortium

Breast cancer, the leading cause of female morbidity and mortality, is a global health problem. In Europe the introduction of populational breast screening programs, the establishment of standards for the training of specialised health professionals dealing with breast cancer, the standardised requirements of breast units or breast centres, the quality indicators in breast cancer care, the evidence based medicine and the international consensus conferences have succesfully created, audited effective European breast cancer care systems, supported by the European Parlament as an essential part of the major public health goal.

Different incidence, mortality and survival rates are due to different risk factors, availability of organised screening programmes and oncological health systems, especially access to special breast units and centres represents the differences between the regions and countries of the continent.

According to the recent trends and predictions in breast cancer mortality in Europe for 2020, published by Carioli G et al. (Breast, 2017.), overall, European Union (EU) breast cancer mortality rates declined from 17.9/100,000 in 2002 to 15.2 in 2012. The predicted 2020 rate is 13.4/100,000. Within the EU, declines were larger in the United Kingdom and other Northern and Western European countries than in most of Central and Eastern Europe. Breast cancer mortality is predicted to rise in Poland, where the predicted 2020 rate is 15.3/100,000. The authors concluded that the overall favourable breast cancer mortality trends are mainly due to a succession of improvements in the management and treatment of breast cancer, though early diagnosis and screening played a role, too. Improving breast cancer management in Central and Eastern Europe is a priority.

Differences in national health policies, in healthcare systems, in economical and financial resources, in risk factors and cultural and historical traditions could have been counted as co-factors, responsible for worse oncological results in the developing countries of Europe.

In order to facilitate the evolution from the level of general surgery to the specialised oncoplastic breast surgery in Central-Eastern Europe association of authoritative national institutes, clinics and centres such as well experienced professionals should optimally join in a common scientific and clinical platform to increase the efficiency and speed of modernization of breast surgical care in countries of Central-Eastern Europe.

Therefore in 2017 the Department of Breast and Sarcoma Surgery of the National Institute of Oncology (NIO), Hungary initiated the establishment of an official CEEBCSC, and determined the main goals and sought (and is seeking) partners to join and actively contribute to accomplish the professional goals.

The main aims of the initiated Eastern-European multinational association are:

  •     to improve the quality of breast surgical care in the region
  •     the oncoplastic approach should become standard of care in breast cancer surgery
  •     to facilitate evidence based clinical practice in breast cancer surgery
  •     to faciliate as standard of care the multidisciplinary tumor board decision making
  •     to facilitate international breast surgical scientific relationships
  •     to facilitate the education and training of breast surgeons in the region
  •     to facilitate the scientific and professional conturing and separation of a dedicated breast surgery from the level of general surgery
  •     to facilitate the establishment of standardised but international compatible oncoplastic breast surgical curricula and licence
  •     to facilitate high quality international, multicentric clinical studies, aiming scientifically up to dated and relevant hypothesises on the highest level of evidence
  •     to facilitate the information of citizens about breast cancer, screening, multidisciplinary treatments, modern breast surgery and breast reconstruction
  •     all patients should be offered breast surgical procedures that lead to best oncological and aesthetic outcomes on a long term.
  •     in accordance to the European standards to facilitate as basic right for all women to have access of immediate and/or delayed post-mastectomy breast reconstruction
  •     to facilitate the communication of breast surgical clinical science and healthy policy
  •     to facilitate patient involved decision making and psycho-oncological care
  •     to facilitate the increase of financial support of modern breast surgical care
  •     to facilitate the advocacy of dedicated breast surgery to the national and international surgical or onco-surgical societies
  •     to promote the accreditation and certification of breast surgeons according to European standards (European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS)- Fellow of Breast Surgery (FEBS) examination).

The Dept. of Breast and Sarcoma Surgery, NIO as founder propose the following activities to be completed together with partner institutes:

  •     to establish a well structured professional consortium or association representing the special aspects of Central-Eastern Europe
  •     to organize regular scientific meetings, workshops, live or via internet
  •     to regularly discuss local or regional breast surgical or oncological health problems, cases, journals mainly using the internet
  •     to facilitate the invitation and scientific activity of experts and profesisonals from member Depts. as speaker to national or international congresses, workshops
  •     to discuss planned study protocos to facilitate multi-centric patient enrolment and high quality scientific publications
  •     to facilitate scientific publication using the nexus of the members for example pre reviewing or as invited reviewer
  •     to present the detailed possibilities of clinical training at the Dept. and to facilitate professional visits between the member Depts. of all feasibility that can be afforded (financial or non-financial)
  •     to offer training fellowships within the region (of a value of 2000 Euro)
  •     to establish written information for patients in different languages about breast cancer, and breast surgery, aiming to establish a website of the CEEBCSC
  •     to gain financial support for the projects of the association by common application of European grants and foundations
  •     to publish a textbook of modern breast surgery representing aspects of the region as well (which is on the way already) and to translate it to local languages, even with modification, in order to solve the language problems characteristic for Central-Eastern Europe.
  •     to contribute to PhD degree or other scientific work

Partner institutes which already joined to date:

    Prof. Dr. Dawid Murawa MD. PhD., Hospital of the Baptism Monument of Poland, Gniezno, Poland
    Prof. Dr. Petr Vladimirovich Krivorotko, MD, PhD., N.N. Petrov National Research Center of Oncology, St. Petersburg, Russia
    Zhygulin Andrii, MD., Head of Breast Unit, LISOD Hospital of Israeli Oncology, Kyiv, Ukraine
    Artur Avetisyan, Clinical Director, National Centre of Oncology, Yerevan, Armenia
    Prof. Dr. Alexandru Blidaru, Head of the Surgical and Gynecological Oncology II Department, “Prof. Dr. Al. Trestioreanu” Institute of Oncology, Bucharest, Romania
    Prof. Dr Tomasz Karmiński MD, Regional Specialist Hospital Leszno, Poland

In Central and Eastern European countries, where economic and health-care performance is relatively weak, social organization and the emancipation of women are still emerging, the evolution of breast cancer surgery is mandatory. The establishment of a well perfoming Eastern-European association allows us professionals to make active contact, science, clinical practice with joint facilities to let us give the best surgical care to our breast cancer patients.


Dr. Zoltán Mátrai MD, PhD., FEBS

Founder of CEEBCSC



ESSO Industry Partner