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Launch of the BRESO Website 25/06/2020

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BRESO - European Breast Surgical Oncology certification programme - launches its website!  



Following the publication of the BRESO curriculum (EJSO- the Journal of Cancer Surgery, Vol. 46, issue 4 Part B (717-736), BRESO founding members are now delighted to announce the launch of the BRESO website, which provides relevant information for surgeons wishing to be certified in breast cancer surgery by completing a certification programme approved by leading European Societies and already supported by several national breast surgery societies.

The BRESO website gives access to

  • the theoretical knowledge and practical skills curriculum for breast cancer specialists;
  • the BRESO certification programme requirements and application process;
  • a list of breast units in Europe offering fellowship opportunities;
  • an overview of relevant courses, webinars and congresses focusing on breast cancer surgery;
  • information on the examination in breast surgery organised by the Division of Breast Surgery of the European Union of Medical Specialists;
  • an index of relevant publications and e-learning resources;

Thanks to the partnership of Europa Donna, the BRESO website also provides information and resources for breast cancer patients and their family about their disease.


Breast surgery training across Europe is very heterogeneous. Often surgical training certification is achieved after 4-6 years of residency training, involving mixed content. Consequently, at the time of certification, many surgeons will have spent very little time doing breast surgery but will be able to undertake breast surgery, despite a lack of training in this discipline.

No matter where they live within Europe, patients diagnosed with breast cancer have the right to be treated by qualified surgeons who are trained and certified in breast surgical oncology.

What is BRESO?

BRESO was initiated and developed by members from leading societies and organisations involved in breast surgery specialisation and accreditation with the aim to raise the quality and standards of breast surgical oncology across Europe.

BRESO gathers representatives from leading educational, training, research and accreditation organisations. It has a widely inclusive approach and thrives to work in a collaborative manner, keeping in mind the best interests of our patients across Europe.

Objectives and Aims

  • BRESO wishes to enhance breast surgery training across Europe, harmonise training and improve standards.
  • BRESO aims to encourage accredited specialist breast surgical care for breast cancer patients and women at high risk of breast cancer by offering a dedicated certification programme in breast cancer surgery.
  • BRESO is keen to collaborate and communicate with patient organisations and policymakers, establish strategic directions for the group and advocate for European recognition of breast cancer surgery as a surgical oncology subspecialty.


“The theoretical and practical Curriculum for European Breast Surgeons was the first step towards the harmonisation of training and improvement of standards in breast cancer surgery. The launch of the BRESO website is the next step in this ambitious venture driven by leading societies and organisations with an interest in breast surgery specialisation and accreditation with the aim to offer a dedicated certification programme in breast cancer surgery. I invite you to visit discover more about the BRESO Certification Programme.” Tibor Kovacs, Chair of BRESO. 


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