Rare Cancers Europe released QIII – QIV 2021 report released


The report summarises latest updates of a wide range of RCE’s activities, including the committee structure, website and branding, membership, and most importantly, the RCE Horizontal Activities, among which RCE’s Call to Action “Rare Cancers in All Policies” has already led to concrete progress at the EU level.

“Challenges of rare adult cancers” (session VI) is now included in the final report from the European Parliament’s Special Committee on Beating Cancer (BECA), “Strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer – towards a comprehensive and coordinated strategy”, which was adopted by the European Parliament with a strong majority on 16th February 2022.

This inclusion reflects the success of a collective effort led by RCE, as a result of its Call to Action “Rare Cancers in All Policies”, which was launched with the aim of ensuring rare cancers (especially rare adult cancers)’s visibility on the EU’s beating cancer agenda.

In 2022, RCE will continue working towards the following 4 goals with its Task Forces:

• Improving the methodology of clinical studies and regulatory practices in rare cancers

• Improving the organisation of healthcare in rare cancers

• Improving access to rare cancer treatments and standard of care

• Improving the education of healthcare professionals and information on rare cancers

RCE has been established in 2008 as a partnership of cooperating stakeholders with the scope to place the issue of rare cancers firmly on the European policy agenda, to identify and promote appropriate solutions, and exchange best practice. Founded in 2008 and coordinated by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), this is a 39 strong multi-stakeholder partnership that brings together scientific societies including ESSO, patient and research organizations, healthcare and education providers, and the industry.

Through Professor Sergio Sandrucci, representative of the RCE stakeholder group Scientific Societies and Healthcare Providers, ESSO has been an active member of RCE Steering Committee for the last 3 years.

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