📚Textbook of Pancreatic Cancer📚 Principles & Practice of Surgical Oncology


Covers curriculum core to the standards of knowledge expected for candidates for the fellowship exams in HPB and Surgical Oncology.

Adopts a didactic and structured approach to all topics with key points will be provided

Presents best-evidence, highlighting trials and graded data, where available.

This textbook provides a practically applicable resource for understanding the surgical oncology management of pancreatic cancer. It discusses relevant aspects of anatomy and pathophysiology along with the latest diagnostic techniques. Insightful descriptions are then provided detailing how to perform critical surgical procedures when treating these patients. Relevant perioperative management strategies and emerging themes in cancer biology critical to understanding and treating the disease are also described. The need for cross-discipline collaboration to facilitate and enhance innovation within the discipline is reinforced throughout the text. Each chapter presents the relevant current clinical standards along with areas of controversy in both research and clinical practice within “pearls and pitfalls” sections. Textbook of Pancreatic Cancer: Principles and Practice of Surgical Oncologyis a detailed work covering the basic material important to trainees as well as advanced curriculum for established specialists in the field from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Therefore, it is crucial resource for all practicing and trainee professionals who encounter these patients in their day-to-day clinical practice. 

Available in Printed Book, Ebook and MyCopy here. 

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