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Dutch Society of Surgical Oncology - NVCO

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Chirurgische Oncologie


The NVCO was established in 1981 with the aim of improving surgical care for patients with cancer. The surgical oncologist not only has knowledge of the operative possibilities, but also has knowledge of the biological behavior of tumors and their multidisciplinary treatment.

Certified surgical oncologists in the Netherlands treat patients with breast cancer, skin tumors, soft tissue tumors and endocrine tumors (eg of the thyroid gland and adrenal gland). In addition, as well as gastrointestinal surgeons with expertise in oncology, they treat tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. The surgeon oncologist is the linchpin in multidisciplinary care of cancer patients and preferably treats them in a scientific research context.

Health care is constantly changing. The patient expects good quality care and the government wants this care to be delivered effectively and efficiently. This has consequences for the design of the healthcare system, the costing system and the practice. But it also offers opportunities to further improve surgical care. The NVvH is the advocate and interlocutor on behalf of the surgeons in the development of the Dutch health policy.

The NVCO includes a number of working groups, sections or committees. These groups are focused on the differentiations / conditions within Surgical Oncology and / or GE surgery.
The NVCO has the following sections / committees:

  • Section of breast surgery
  • Working group endocrine surgery
  • HIPEC working group

There are also a few groups that both belong to NVCO and NVGIC:

  • Working group Coloproctology
  • Work group Liver surgery / HPB (together with HCC and Pacreatitis working group this is the Dutch Chapter)
  • Working group UpperGI

In addition to these surgical sub-areas, there are also multidisciplinary working groups, sections and / or committees.




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