Objectives and Activities

Rationale for establishing the ESSO Clinical Research Committee (CRC)

  • Quality improvement in surgery goes hand in hand with improvement in research
  • Collaboration is needed to overcome the hurdles of surgical research
  • New ideas for prospective clinical research must be generated
  • Education on clinical research methodology must be integrated in surgical training
  • Expanding the role of ESSO on research is the way to move forward

The Vision for Surgical Clinical Research

Goals of the Clinical Research Committee

  • Involve ESSO in a new mission: to generate research ideas that are prospective, high-quality but feasible
  • Expand the network of surgeon researchers
  • Collaborate with established groups to initiate and drive surgical research (EURECCA, EORTC, JCOG, etc.)
  • Facilitate education of young surgeons on clinical research methodology

Clinical Research Activities

Initiation phase

  • Run a feasibility survey: to further develop and assess the needs for Pan-European surgical research platform
  • Define the Charter of the committee
  • Define the network of surgeons willing to engage in collaborative research
  • Collaboration with EORTC through the SURCARE initiative “High Quality Standards for Prospective Surgical Clinical Research”

Implementation phase

  • Defining quality parameters of a surgical trial
  • Addressing the obstacles to surgical research
  • Using the website to be a capacity building tool to develop surgical research
  • Develop the first pilot research project of the CRC
  • Conduct a surgical clinical research course for young trainees
  • Facilitate and international observership, mentorship or exchange programs for young surgeons interested in clinical research
  • Evaluation of the impact of first year projects

Survey results

ESSO Clinical Research Committee Survey on Challenges of Conducting Surgical Trials Results

New deal for Clinical Research in Surgical Oncology - interview with Professor Serge Evrard

ESSO Industry Partners