Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients: A case-study based reference and learning resource

Problem Solving in Older Patients

“A definitive must-buy for every geriatrician, oncologist, GP and general physician” – BMA judges review, September 2016

Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients (Clinical Publishing, 2016) edited by Alastair Ring, Danielle Harari, Tania Kalsi, Janine Mansi and Peter Selby and produced by the ACP in collaboration with the British Geriatric Society, has just been awarded first prize in the 2016 BMA Medical Book Awards (oncology section). 

In reviewing the book, the judges said: “The authors here show an excellent technique of addressing the current issues in geriatric oncology in such an ingenious way by using clinical cases and examples but also discussing the epidemiology of cancer in the elderly and also providing the view of how the same issues are dealt with by different oncologists and elderly physicians in the rest of Europe.  This book is unique and will be very warmly welcomed… the authors have come to address a very topical issue in a very clear, structured and succinct manner”

An evidence-based guidebook supporting the clinical teams who manage older cancer patients, this practical guide will enable you to implement appropriate treatment strategies, which take account of comorbidities, frailty, and patient choice. The first section introduces the challenges facing clinical teams seeking to provide the best outcomes for their patients, while a second, larger, section of case studies (“Problems”) discusses and resolves real-life management scenarios. All chapters are multi-authored, drawing on a wide range of expert clinical experience in the field.


  • Highly structured - a practical problem solving guide with over 30 case studies

  • Patient-centred - patient care is at the heart of the book’s approach

  • Written by experts - multi-disciplinary teams have compiled each chapter

Click here to read a sample chapter of the book.

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Book Details:
Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients  ed A Ring, D Harari, T Kalsi, J Mansi and P Selby
ISBN 978 1 84692 110 0 Publisher: Clinical Publishing, Oxford, 2016

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