Consensus Conference

To achieve this ambitious aim a first consensus conference on colon and rectal cancer was organised in December 2012. Consensus meetings are held to standardise good clinical practice in cancer care. This event brought together an expert panel of health care professionals and scientists representing the majority of European scientific organizations involved in colon and rectal cancer care (surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, and nurses) together with patient organisation representatives [5]. The panel was invited to comment on 465 evidence-based statements of cancer care. This process is described in the article entitiled: “Involving patients in a multidisciplinary European consensus process and in the development of a ‘Patient Summary of the Consensus Document for colon and rectal cancer care.”

Summary on the Consensus on colon & Rectal Cancer Care (October 2013)

Questionnaire: Value of the Summary of the Consensus Conference on Colon & Rectal Cancer

For information on involving patients in the consensus process or the actual consensus document and expert reviews, please see the following articles published online. Requests for reprints of these articles could be addressed to

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