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Brazilian Society of Surgical Oncology - SBCO


The Brazilian Society of Surgical Oncology (BSSO) is a non profit organization created in 1998. It supports its members in a wide range of activities including education, research and
leadership in multidisciplinary cancer care. 

The BSSO helps to disseminate knowledge all over Brazil through educational events and awareness campaigns about cancer diagnosis and treatment, especially surgical treatment.

In 2013 and 2015 the biannual BSSO conference had more than 1500 participants from all over the country. In the national conference on surgical oncology the latest advancements in
surgical oncology are discussed by leading national and international experts

The BSSO also hosts a biannual regional conferences and biannual conferences focused in gastro-intestinal cancer care. In all congresses and educational activities, BSSO members enjoy preferential registration rates

Since its beginning, BSSO has acted in many different fronts to help the national program of cancer care. In 2015 a National Consensus of different incident cancers (e.g., Colorectal Cancer and Gastric Cancer) were created.

The BSSO along with the Brazilian Cancer Society (BCS) are responsible for the Certification of specialist in surgical oncology in Brazil.

A continuing medical education program of cancer care was created for members of the BSSO. It helps to disseminate the most advanced knowledge in the field among the members, optimizing the clinical and surgical management of cancer patients through multidisciplinary collaboration.

Current Officers and Board Members



Claudio de Almeida Quadros


Alexandre Ferreira Oliveira

General secretary

Heber Salvador de Castro Ribeiro

1st Secretary
2nd Secretary

Eduardo Zanella Cordeiro
Marciano Anghinoni

1st Treasurer
2nd Treasurer

Janina Ferreira Loureiro Huguenin
Geraldo José Souza Nascimento

Director of Professional Affairs

Elio José Silveira da Silva Barreto

Scientific Director

Raphael Leonardo Cunha de Araujo

Director of International Affairs

Tarcisio José Cysneiros da Costa Reis

Director of Education and Residency

Ranyell Matheus Spencer Sobreira Batista

Director of Communication and Internet

Gustavo Andreazza Laporte

For more information on BSSO activities or how to become a member, visit or contact

President: Felipe José Fernandez Coimbra/SP


Contact Information

E-mail: or

ESSO liaision: Jorge S. Lyra
Founded on 31/05/1988
Joined ESSO on 28/10/2014
Membership: 527

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